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The financial constraints that face Snowsports athletes are fairly daunting. Most athlete's rely on sponsorship and donations. I am no different. My parents foot the bill of my journey. I am always on the lookout for sponsors and donations to my Personal Sports fund via WINTER SPORTS FOUNDATION. A charity that assists Snowsports athletes like myself to access donations and increase the value of donations via gift aid. 

More about a personal Sports fund....

"The funds are set up to help athletes under the age of 25 who are already competing in winter sports by assisting them to seek sponsorship from various sources as well as utilising Gift Aid via our charity to increase the value of each sponsorship amount for the athlete.

As we all know that participation in winter sports is very time consuming and costly so with the help from the charity we look to maximise any donations we receive on your behalf.  The aim is to reduce the financial burden that winter sports can place on parents.

To enable the charity to reclaim the gift aid, a 5% fee for the service we offer is taken. This amount goes to running the charity and realising its aims for public benefit. 

A Personal Sports Fund can be used to help with the cost of anything related to helping the child in their sport, some examples are:

  • Training & Coaching Fee’s

  • Travel & Accommodation Expenses

  • Injury Rehabilitation & Medical Expenses Incurred Through the Sport

  • Equipment to Participate

  • Race & Membership Fee’s

The parent or guardian of the child cannot benefit as a result of the Personal Sports Fund. The funds are available to any young person, who is described as anyone under the age of 25."

To donate to my personal sports fund, simply download and complete the PDF in the top left corner of this page. All help is so greatly appreciated.

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