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When I first started skiing (in July 2014 aged 9) my parents were given some advice from a very knowledgeable skier/coach. Chris David, who was snow sports manager at Chill Factore, at the time, told my Mum & Dad that as I was 9, fun was the most important element of snow sports. He also recommended that I should be trying as many different snow disciplines as possible that way I could truly move forward, driven by my developing passions, whatever they turned out to be. 

I've been very lucky that my parents followed this advice and encouraged me to give it all a go at different levels (just for fun, competitive both at home and abroad) and across a widely, varied, discipline spectrum (slope style, halfpipe, moguls, ski cross, slalom and big air skiing and even snowboarding). I have thoroughly enjoyed all my skiing & other snow opportunities so far. I feel that these opportunities have helped me develop into a good person, and a dedicated, hardworking athlete. I think of myself as a grounded individual that still can dream big and set myself goals and then work towards achieving them. 


Winter 2023/2024 season was a difficult year. I had planned on specialising in ski cross and training and competing in this discipline for the whole season. A few issues got in the way of my original plan. My ski equipment wasn’t delivered as ordered leaving me with no equipment suitable to train or compete on. This was a major issue as without the correct equipment, competition and training is not workable. My team manager, Dan at Inspire Snowsports, was able to have me move to stay and train in freestyle with Why Ain't You Jibbin?! Not the original plan but gave me a great opportunity to work on my freestyle skiing. Coach Aaron really started to get me pushing through many of my bad habits in freestyle and I was able to start progressing on jumps and rails. I had forgotten how much fun it was to work for a trick and then succeed.


This season has taken me back to the drawing board as far as my goals are concerned. I had been looking to specialise in the one discipline but that has now been replaced with the desire to once again, train and compete in multiple disciplines. I have joined the Alpine club Uniq snowsports so that I can look to work on my slalom and GS skills. I will look to get back to competing in the uk in slopestyle and see where I need to further progress. I will be looking to work on my ski cross and moguls too which still requires some planning to put in place, but I will get there. I will also be looking to join some of the Snowsport England training camps in freestyle. 

Training abroad while still studying at college has been tricky at times but I have worked through the difficulties, and I am set to do well in my college results and have accepted a place at University of Northampton beginning this September (2024).


As a university student I aim to be representing BUCS GB students and my university at the FISU games and other competitions in as many disciplines as possible. I am really looking forward to this new chapter of challenges in life and can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in. 

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